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Class Descriptions

Let go of what stands in the way of achieving your Goals.

Classes are interactive and experience-based. You have the opportunity to use the clearing methods and affirmations that about which Janna teaches. Sharing times are included too during classes so that everyone can learn from each other. They are only offered online on Zoom at this time, because of the Corona Virus.

Letting Go of Negative Money Myths

In this intro 1-hour session, we examine negative messages about money that are so prevalent in our society so that we can let them go. After doing this clearing work it will be easier and more effective to focus on the clearing of your own personal negative money beliefs.

Increasing Your Money Flow

This 3-session workshop really gets into the basics of moving money your way and each hour has a different focus on negative beliefs to clear. We will also have some fun along the way!

Letting Go of Concerns over Managing Money

Once the money comes to us, what do we do with it? That is the subject of this one- hour wrap-up workshop.

Letting Go of Corona Virus Worries

This is the first one-hour class I offered, teaching a simple and effective way to clear away any worries about the Corona Virus.

Achieving Your Goal

Do you have a specific goal that you would like to realize in your life? Then this workshop could be very helpful to you! It is 1-1/2 hours long, with the first part devoted to helping you craft effective affirmations to realize your dream. Then the balance of the workshop is focused on clearing blocks that could get in the way and sharing in a general way with the group.

Coming Soon

A 3-session workshop on attracting a loving relationship.

“The workshop highlights an awareness of negative self-talk and that it is time to change your person language about income and money supply. It focuses on letting go of the old while creating a new abundance and prosperity consciousness. Thank you Janna!”

WK, Sherman Oaks, CAIncrease Money Flow

“Being in a group, releasing, affirming and sharing has been important to me and my evolving feelings about myself and money. I may still have money concerns, but they are less intense, which is progress. I wholeheartedly recommend Janna and her clearing classes.”

MB, Camarillo, CAIncrease Money Flow

“I feel freer, lighter, and more peaceful and able to take a deep breath about life in this time.”

PB, Los Angeles, CALetting Go of Corona Virus Worries

“Your class was great. Thank you so much! I could so readily locate and rest in the energy space you had created.”

CK, Lake Balboa, CALetting Go of Corona Virus Worries

“Thank you so much again for all of your time and energy today and for the timely and incredibly relevant information on affirmations and releasing.”

JG, Beaverton, ORLetting Go of Corona Virus Worries