Janna Lee

Get In The Zone
Of Peace and Empowerment

Meet Janna Lee


Janna Lee shares methods of clearing negative beliefs and emotional blocks in her book, Empower Your Dreams, and in workshops that she offers. Janna credits these clearing methods, plus using affirmations, with changing her life significantly for the better.

Some of Janna’s beneficial life changes include being able to:

  1. Run for her first nonpartisan elected office when she was over 50 years old and winning the election over the incumbent
  2. After that, to write her first book and successfully publish it and market it. Janna was thrilled when Costco chose to sell it in a regional Northwest market
  3. Recently, to write and publish her second book
  4. To create unique Affirmation/Clearing Cards to work in tandem with the book
  5. And for the first time in her life, to offer workshops to share these teachings
  6. Perhaps best of all, Janna says that she feels more centered and at peace

Janna lives in Southern California where she often likes to head for the nearby beach. She also enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Janna Lee is her pen name.