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Of Peace and Empowerment

Empower Your Dreams

By Janna Lee

Would you like more abundance, a fulfilling romance, or recognition at work? Or perhaps you would like a new home or to travel more?

Visualizing and affirming, with the added step of clearing away blocking negative beliefs, puts you on the path to make your dreams come true. Empower Your Dreams provides the whole how-to package of crafting effective visualizations and affirmations, along with outlining four different clearing techniques. Also included is how to work with Little Cards Affirmation/Clearing decks that were created by Janna, and making your own treasure maps and tableaus.

Empower Your Dreams: Let Go of Emotional Baggage So Affirmations Can Work for you!

ISBN: 978-0-9891131-5-1
Paperback – $12.95
Kindle eBook – $4.95
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